Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

AR 00-001: Uilleann Pipe Chanter and Bag

Instrument Descriptions

Dunn AR 00-001: Uilleann Pipe Chanter and Bag, produced c. 1850. No identifying maker's marks.

Dunn AR 00-002: Violin. No identifying maker's marks.

Dunn AR 00-003: Violin Case.

Dunn AR 00-004: Clarinet. Inscription reads: Martin Fres A Paris, C on all body parts; 6 salt-spoon keys, body made of boxwood.

Dunn AR 00-005: Dulcimer. Sound box only, has fittings for strings. No identifying marks.

Dunn AR 00-006: Mandolin. Inside label: Joseph Bohmann, 306 State St. Chicago. Bohmann was known as one of the first manufacturers of mandolins in the United States.

Dunn AR 00-007: Violin Bow. No identifying maker's marks.

In Francis O'Neill's own words:

"Captain Dunn is an expert and ingenious mechanic in all that pertains to the fittings of the most modern Irish chanter."

From the notes found within and scribbled into the various books of the collection, Michael J. Dunn was greatly involved with repairing and maintaining uilleann pipes and violins, possibly even making instruments himself. Below you'll find some of Dunn's drawings and notes about various instrument designs.

Instrument Manuscripts

MS 00-006 #19

Uilleann pipe drawings, violin measurements and dimensions

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