O'Neill Cylinders: 9 - 16

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Cylinders 9 - 16

John ODwyer (air) & Scotch Mary (reel)

2:14 Patsy Touhey

a) O'Neill, 1903 #35 as "John O'Dwyer of the Glen -- 1st Setting."

b) O'Neill 1903, #1510; O'Neill 1907, #729; PPT #9. For another performance of this tune, see CD 1, track 16. This tune, played by Touhey, was issued on a 78rpm commercial disc in 1920.

The Croppies March

2:34 Patsy Touhey

Tune Type: March
ON 1903, #1815 as "Freedom for Ireland;" ON 1922, #75 (where it was notated from Touhey, who is also the performer here) as "The Croppies’ March."

This is one of the instances where we can match a notation in O’Neill with a sound recording of the same tune being played by the performer who contributed it.

The Connachtmans Rambles

2:31 Patsy Touhey

Tune Type: Jig
ON1903, #1003; ON 1907, #218.

This is a scintillating performance from Touhey, with much variation both of melody and ornamentation.

Touheys Favorite

2:40 Patsy Touhey

Tune Type: Hornpipe
Archivist’s note: The spoken introduction being difficult to decipher, documentation and manuscripts from the collection identify this tune as "Touhey’s Favorite."

This tune does not appear in the O’Neill collections. It appears in Kerr 4, #280 as "Murphy’s Hornpipe" with two parts.

This tune was popularized by the fiddle player Michael Coleman on a 78rpm disc in 1935 as "Murphy’s." Coleman’s was a multi-part version very reminiscent of Touhey’s.

Bold Jack Donohue

2:14 James Early

This is the melody of a well-known ballad about the Irish-Australian outlaw Jack Donogue. Irish-born and transported to Australia for nationalist activities, Donohue became a popular hero as a bushranger. He was killed in a shoot-out with Australian police in 1830.

Early's melody here is very similar to that given for the song in "The Songs of Elizabeth Cronin," edited by Dáibhí Ó Cróinín.

The Maid behind the Bar

2:27 Patsy Touhey

Tune Type: Reel
ON 1903, #1308 as "Kiss the Maid behind the Barrel; " ON 1907, #571; PPT #22.

The Dear Irish Boy

2:40 Patsy Touhey

Tune Type: Air
ON 1903, #73.

This is one of the most expressive and impassioned airs for the uilleann pipes, in a masterful rendition here by Touhey.

Scotch Mary

2:17 Touhey, Early, & McFadden

Tune Type: Reel
ON 1903, #1510; ON 1907, #729; PPT #9.

This rendition by Touhey, Early, and McFadden is one of the earliest known recordings of ensemble playing in traditional Irish music. For another performance of this tune, see Cylinder 9.

Cylinders 9 - 16

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