O'Neill Cylinders: 17 - 24

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Cylinders 17 - 24

The Blackbird

2:30 Edward Cronin

Tune Type: Set Dance
ON 1903, 1793; ON 1907, 985.

For a performance of this tune as a slow air, see CD 2, track 13.

Hawks Hornpipe

2:08 Bernard Delaney

Tune Type: Hornpipe
ON 1903, 1754; ON 1907, 926.

This tune is related to the air "Brian the Brave" (Cylinder 5)) and to the hornpipe "Poll Ha’penny". The version played here was popularised in recent times by Bobby Casey, fiddle, of Clare and London.

Doctor O Neill

2:22 John McFadden

Tune Type: Jig
ON 1903, 701; ON 1907, 6.

Miss Monaghan

2:20 Patsy Touhey

Tune Type: Reel
ON 1903, 1312; ON 1907, 575.

The Sailors Jacket

2:05 Bernard Delaney

Tune Type: Reel
ON 1903, 1369; ON 1907, 621; RMC, as ‘Come to Your Tay—Reel’.

The version played here by Delaney is a close variant of the versions in RMC and O’Neill. Recent recordings of this tune have the title ‘Lilies in the Field / Lilies of the Field’; they derive from a 78rpm commercial recording by Irish-American accordion player P.J. Conlon (whose title for the tune was ‘Kitty in the Lane’).

Judy Hynes

2:27 Patsy Touhey

Tune Type: Jig
ON 1903, 903, as ‘Nancy Hynes’; ON 1907, 150 (with the 1903 title).

Gustys Frolics

2:45 Patsy Touhey

Tune Type: Slip Jig
SP, # 813, as "Gurtys Frolic"; ON 1903, 1171, as "Gurtys Frolics"; ON 1907, 444 (with the 1903 title); PPT, # 42.

Touheys title, Gustys Frolics, clearly audible on his spoken introduction, is the correct one. O Neills erroneous title echoes that of Petrie (or of his editor) in SP. This tune is a virtuoso piece for the pipes, though it is more popular today in versions for the fiddle. O Neill reports that the tune was composed by Augustus "Gusty" Nicolls, a member of the landed gentry in Co. Leitrim who was a "gentleman piper" in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Touhey here plays a version of the tune with eight parts. A tune as extensive as this is rare; in fact, the cylinder runs out before Touhey can complete the second playing of the tune. The version that Touhey plays here is more extensive than the one he played on a different cylinder recording (transcribed in PPT).

Rakish Paddy

2:30 Patsy Touhey

Tune Type: Reel
ON 1903, # 1533; ON 1907, # 749.

At the time of this recording, evidently the highly accented C natural initial note that has since become the hallmark of this tune had not yet been established. O’Neill’s 1903 version is intriguing in that, although contributed by a piper (Delaney), it includes a note not available on the uilleann pipe chanter; the version is evidently influenced by a fiddle player.

Cylinders 17 - 24

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