Michael J. Dunn Scrapbook

This scrapbook, compiled by Michael J. Dunn, contains clippings of various newspaper articles. A wide variety of topics are covered in these articles, including the Spanish-American War, religion, Milwaukee fires, Irish music, and poetry, as well as humorous stories of the time. Below the gallery, links are listed to provide background information on some of the more obscure topics.

Michael J. Dunn Scrapbook

Dunn MS 00-009: Scrapbook Cover

Background Information:

The American Protective Association
: an American anti-Catholic society.

The U.S.S. Iowa: a battleship used during the Spanish-American War.

General Blanco: Ramon Blanco y Erenas, Captain General of Cuba at the outbreak of the Spanish-American War.

Cervera: Pascual Cervera y Topete, admiral of the Spanish Caribbean Squadron during the Spanish-American War.

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Dunn MS 00-009: Page 1

Father of His County, Song: The Faded Coat of Blue, U.S.S. Maine, How Sampson Gave the News

Dunn MS 00-009: Page 2

Pope Leo XIII, "Kathleen Mavourneen" The Aged Auther of the Song Nears Death's Door

Dunn MS 00-009: Page 3

Strange Papal Forecast, Archbishop Hughes

Dunn MS 00-009: Page 4

Poems and jokes, Milwaukee Jenner Fire, Politics

Dunn MS 00-009: Page 5

Rev. Justin D. Fulton, Father Vahey on Fulton Again, A Fierce Arraignment

Dunn MS 00-009: Page 6

Articles about the American Protective Association: Must Ignore APA, W. J. H. Traynor

Dunn MS 00-009: Page 7

American Protective Association articles, Good Priest at Rest

Dunn MS 00-009: Page 8

Rev. Lalumiere, Gold and Silver of the World, Wolfe Tone Memorial, Two William McKinleys

Dunn MS 00-009: Page 9

Political articles: Mrs. Parnell Dying, Mr. W.M. O'Brien, MP

Dunn MS 00-009: Page 10

The Green and Orange, Mr. Dooley Between Covers

Dunn MS 00-009: Page 11

Long's Report on the Navy

Dunn MS 00-009: Page 12

Irish in Early Wars

Dunn MS 00-009: Page 13

Maria Teresa Looted, Music and Irishmen, Pipe Line a Success

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